Cervical Dilatation with Probe

Uterus sounding with probes is a fetish and a sexual practical very difficult, painful and dangerous but also it is very exciting and morbid because it is a hole inside other hole.

The probes are very used by gynaecologists in medical procedures to stretch the uterine canal. In this free video you can watch how this girl insert sounds into the womb to dilate it.

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This girl is an expert in uterus dilatation and she know how use gyno instruments to stimulate the cervix.

A set of probes of great quality of gynaecology and a tube are used while this video in which she manages to dilate little by little the hole introducing probes every time of a diameter more big.

The probes are marked with the thickness in millimeters and in addition they have a few brands in order that your you could see how many centimeters she manages to introduce them in the uterus.

Finally she masturbates with a huge probe simultaneously that she use a strong vibrator on her clitoris to get a spectacular orgasm.

Impressive also it is to see the enormous piercings in her pinky pussy with extension tubes in the lips and the glass inserted keeping the cunt open wide so you can watch all scenes close and clear.

This is a special video for people who are passionate about the gyno videos with scenes of masturbation and extreme pleasure with the use of hospital instruments, doctors and gynecology utensils to use in sex games.

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