Cervix Play

Watch how a beautiful girl enjoy play cervix using metal sounds inserted into her uterus. She ties her pussy lips with a chain and put a huge speculum with that it is possible to see inside of the cunt.

Next penetrate her womb with a probe very deep, You can see since her it is introducing slowly the Hegar probe up to the bottom showing all she does while play cervix.

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For many women is possible to have cervix orgasm also known as uterine orgasms.

Several females love to have there cervix bumped during sex and a couple who like to have a finger slowly inserted into their cervix or around this until to get a cervical orgasm.

Tantra call a full body orgasm when you can get a cervical orgasm because is more long than a clitoris or vaginal orgasm.

Some people say if you know to move well your finger to stimulate the cervix or with penis penetration but without hitting it too hard, it can bring a powerful and long orgasm usually accompanied by ejaculation of a sexual fluid.

It is very dangerous pumping cervix because it can cause a prolapsed cervix. It is a health condition in which the uterus extends further into the vagina getting in some cases to go out out of the vagina.


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