Watch free videos of female playing with the cervix and fucking the uterus deeper until orgasm. The introduction of objects by the uterine neck as well as the stimulation of the external part is known as "Cervix Play". This practice is known also like "uterus fucking", when the intention is to fuck or penetrate the womb with objects like probes, long japanese metal sounds, small dildos or objects that get deeply in the womb. The intention of practising cervix play or to insert objects in the uterus is to feel and see how a bizarre object comes within by a hole inside your pussy. Really it is to fuck a hole inside another hole.

The uterine neck is the end of the canal of the vagina which Tantra calls the Yoni or sacred space. This part of the female reproductive system made of cartilage, and it is smooth and firm like the tip of the nose and has around 2–3 centimetres (0.8–1.2 inch) in length since the external orifice until the internal orifice. Also it has something called the external os, which is the opening into the uterus or womb. The internal orifice is very closed and connects the cervical canal with the interior of the uterus with a total length about 7,6 centimeters of (3 inch) length.

Cervical penetration can be very exciting and some people use gloves to avoid to scratch with the nails or sterilized objects inserting only 2 or 3 cms but even this way it exists risk of infections, hemorrhages or serious problems of health.

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Watch Free Porn Cervix Play Videos

Many people look for the best porn videos to know what is a cervical orgasm? and the answer is the stimulation of the neck and it is different than cervical penetration.

After the clitoris and the g-spot the other place to get orgasms inside your vagina can be the stimulation of the cervix. Usually when you fuck, the head of the penis it touches and stimulates the cervical neck. Also it can be stimulated by the fingers though due to the depth it becomes more difficult to reach with the fingers. In any case always it is a question of stimulating the external part and not introducing anything inside.

Some people while fisting the cunt of their partner insert the tip of a finger into the canal cervical, just up to the first joint. This penetration combined with the fisting and clitoral stimulation really seems to send over the top of the orgasm. Many women think could enjoy the sensations of masturbation cervical or if they and their partners were more knowledgeable about all the possible pleasure points of a woman’s body.

Videos of cervix fucking are a sadomasochistic practice of masturbation, where there are inserted bars of surgical steel (Hegar probes or japanese sounds), little dildos or other objects in the cervix of the woman up to the interior of the uterus. To accede to the interior of the vagina is used a speculum type Collin or similar of great quality. Sometimes a german electro stimulator device is attached to the pussy lips while cervical fucking is done in the sesion of torture BDSM. Milf mom show to insert period menstruation tampon porn and Japanese tampon insertion porn videos uncensored.

The pleasure that many persons feel with this sexual practice can be very intense or to be very painful and disagreeable for other persons. In many sex videos a vibrator is in use in the clitoris simultaneously while fuck the uterus up to get intense orgasms. In some of the best menstruation videos can watch this play type. They take advantage of the period to play because they know that even if they have blood the neck may be more open.

Cervix penetration is very dangerous. You must not try to insert anything into womb and also you must know the cervical dilation is quite painful. Medical gynecologists can do examinations that include the dilatation and cervical penetration with special instruments.

The persons who play or who insert objects in the uterus maybe feel very much pleasure but they have a great risk for the health.

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