Tampons Menstrual Period insertion in Cervix and fucking Uterus

Mature woman insert period menstruation tampon in pussy uncensored video. Fetish porn movie of medical exam gynecological with open wide cervix. Tampons menstrual insertion in uterus fully whole. Uterus penetration with a fork, metal probes and fucking cervix with huge toothbrush handle. Milf wife mom show to insert period menstruation tampon porn video Japanese uncensored.

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Amazing video in which a woman uses menstruation tampons to stretch the uterus, fuck with a fork, penetration with the handle of a toothbrush, penetration with huge metal probes and a Magill forceps used in gyno inspection and clinic ginecologyst.

It is impressive to see as this woman takes out the tampon by pulling the cord using a lot of force since the tampon sticks to the uterine walls. Japanese kinky mature milf does it lot times showing as keep the cervix open wide uncensored.

Putting a menstrual tampon in the vagina is easy but putting a tampon inside the uterus is not easy because although the plastic cannula is smooth but the diameter is very large for this hole so narrow and even more if what is intended is to introduce it completely inside until only the cord that supports it is appreciated.

Inside the fetich of the best menstrual period porn movies, you can watch mature jav women period menstruation shows how to insert tampon into the vagina or other similar plays but this is different because this woman is able to put tampons inside the uterus that are also worth to widen the hole and thus then fuck the cervix with objects such as the handle of a fork huge metal probes or a toothbrush.

Tampons menstruation period fetish uncensored porn videos for all those who like medical exam and gyno inspection, bizarre insertions.

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