Cervix Torture with Drilldo and Insertion of Screw in Uterus

Extreme female cervix play with insertion of japanese probes, fucking uterus with a drilldo and huge screw closing her cervical neck. The most crazy video of cervical fucking with a powerful drilldo, hot fisting action, uterino orgasm and insertion of objects.

Do not miss to watch the most relevant video of torment in the best cervix fucking sex movie for you. The powerful drill rotates at such a speed that heats the pussy and this next to the use of a magic wand on the clitoris, will make her achieve an explosive orgasm.

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This crazy video begins with the girl warming up her cunt rubbing her clitoris that you can watch very close-up. Then she fisting pussy herself and then her partner fisting her pussy to open it more. Now she is ready to put a speculum and thus leave a spectacular view of the inside of her pussy.

Next she sounding her womb stretching with japanese metal probes. She use 2 different diameter of japanese sounds to stretch her uterus.

Next her partner put a metal dildo of 7 cm long (2.75 Inch) in a powerful electric drill german and he begin to penetrate her uterine canal with el drilldo very deep while she keep a vibrator on clitoris. The drill turns increasingly to more speed hotting her womb and all area of the vagina causing intense feelings as well as produces the vibrator wand on the clitoris. With the drilldo rotating at full speed and the magic wand on the clitoris, she achieve an explosive orgasm.

Then her partner take a long and thick screw of metal and begin to insert it into her uterus using a tool. When the screw is fully inserted into her womb, he take out the speculum and then she dresses and keeping with the screw inserted into her cervical canal. A real extreme video with female uterus torture. Inserting objects into this part of the body is a very painful and dangerous practice but penetrating with a drill can be scary. An uncensored movie for all those who like strong scenes with penetration of foreign objects.

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