Speculum in Cervix and Semen Insertion

Extreme cervix play with speculum open wide the uterus and inserting semen directly into womb using a funnel. Amazing free video with hot pussy fisting self, cervical sounding with metal probes while wide open cunt with a clear glass and vibrator on clitoris, speculum in cervical canal to open it and fucking with japanese metal sounds, a funnel with a tube is penetrated until inside of the womb and a huge cumshot is inserted into uterus until fill it helping with a stick.

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Insert objects into the uterus is very dangerous and can be fatal. But there are women who are able to take the risk and do it.

In addition, it is a practice that can be very painful. However it is a gyno fetish that love and that is within the practice of sadomasochism BDSM.

In this gyno video the girl starts fisting pussy her self to be able to get a transparent glass that fully open so you can see clearly inside and producing a prolapse of the cervix neck.

It is now ready to begin entering Japanese probes of different sizes depth into the uterine canal. After this takes a speculum and introduces deeply it to the uterus and dilating the uterine canal. Then use probes to insert them between the speculum and fuck the uterus while a vibrator rubs the clitoris to get orgasm.

Next a man introduces a tube until the womb with a funnel at the other end. He masturbates and all semen falls into the funnel and after introduces it to the inside of the womb as intrauterine insemination.

It is a very exciting and amazing video about gyno game and sperm insertion.

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