Cervix Sounding with Electro Stimulation

Extreme video with cervical orgasm got with a huge metal sound introduced 8 cm into uterus connected a strong electric stimulator device. Bizarre use of a german unit of TENS to get orgasms applying a electrified probe. Many people associate electrosex with BDSM activities because you can apply a strong power for torture and painful applications but you can use electrostimulation as stimulation erotic and to get amazing orgasms.

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In this video your you will be able to watch how to use a unit of electrosex to achieve cervical orgasm.

Electrostimulation, also known as electrosex and e-stim is a sexual practice where people apply electrical stimulation to genitals or zones around this using a unit of TENS, violet wand or other type of electrostimulator device to get orgasms.

The girl puts a transparent glass inside the cunt which produces a prolapse of the neck of the uterus. Then it begins to penetrate the cervix with japanese probes of different diameters up to obtaining 8 mm and 8 cm of depth. Then a special electro but plug anal and this one connects to a german electrostimulator.

Next she puts a metal clamp to the sound to electrify it and connects it to the electric unit. Also she uses a vibrator on the clitoris to achieve a spectacular orgasm.

The insertion of objects in the uterine canal is very dangerous and painful but to electrify a probe got deeply in the uterus must be something only for too risky masochist women.

An erotic electrostimulation power source and some electrodes and special electric toys as anal plugs, electrified nipple clamps and breast band electrodes, metal urethral probes and other more toys are available to enjoy electrosex.

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