Female Uterus Inflation with Saline and Cervix Penetration with Objects

The most extreme cervix penetration movie with japanese probes until 10 mm (0.39 Inch) wide, inflation of the uterus with a catheter fill with saline and the insertion of a bullet vibrator into the womb while she uses a magic wand vibrator on the clitoris to get orgasm. Amazing extreme porn video only for people likes this special sex fetish with hot action and very close-up view.

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A thing is to touch the cervical neck and the bottom of the vagina with the fingers and even to massage the neck producing some agreeable sensation and very different other one is the cervical penetration with objects, even more if these are thick and long.

In this porn video you will can watch a girl fingering and sounding her cervical canal with different gyno japanese probes until to insert 10 mm (0,39 inch). Uterus inflation with a german catheter Foley inserted deep into her womb and inflated with syringes of saline until 8 ml.

The video is completed with playing uterine penetration with a brush 8 cm (3.15 Inch) long and 11 mm (0.43 Inch) wide and next insertion of a bullet vibrator into her uterus as well as a magic wand on her clitoris.

In internet you can watch videos about hospital, gyno or of medical fetish of girls with speculum showing and playing with her cervix. Usuallity fingering or inserting objects in the first third of the cervical canal which is very wide and easy to introduce objects but only 3 cm (1.18 Inch) deep because beyond, the canal is very narrow and to try to pass it means stretching it and doing this is extremely painful, bloody in addition to being very dangerous, being able to cause a medical urgency.

Its import to know that the insertion of objects or toys into the uterus can cause bleeding and is very dangerous, painful and can be fatal.

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