Cervix Penetration with Objects, Pumping Uterus and Prolapse

The most extreme cervical penetration movie with metal probes, insertion of 30 balls into the uterine cavity, pulling of the cervical neck using a transparent cup to fuck her vagina with the prolapsed uterus, insertion of a knife sharpener, masturbation fingering and fucking the womb with a sex toy of 12 mm (0.47 Inch) wide and 8,5 cm (3.35 Inch) long. Best style of Japanese porn videos with extreme hardcore sex.

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After stretching the cervical hole with japanese metal probes until 8 mm diameter, a thread is inserted. By the thread it starts to put balls that are put of 5 in 5 in the inside of the womb. And so it will repeat several times until you get to enter 30 balls filling the uterine cavity.

Next it take out the tube and insert a long glass with a tube to extract the air and make vaccum pumping. This way when she pull out the cup, the uterus is prolapsed out of the cunt and this rub the wall of the cunt, that is, the uterus fucks the pussy going in and out with the prolapse, all while the interior remains with the balls. Then it take out the cup and put the tube back on and take out the balls by pulling the thread slowly until to extract the balls that were inside it.

Then she fucks the cervical canal with a knife sharpener made of metal with 1 cm (0.39 Inch) of diameter, which has an abrasive surface. Finally she fuck the womb with a dildo with cock head of 8,5 cm (0.47 Inch) long and 12 mm (3.35 Inch) in diameter. Also she add a powerful japanese vibrator on the clitoris until to get cervical orgasm.

Some people believe you can get cervical orgasms by penetrating the cervix, but most get it by stimulating external zone. Many people ask, can the penis enter the uterus? or, is it possible to penetrate the cervix during sex?. The answer is, the penis is too wide but a little dildo can enter and a objects its possible and here you can watch it. However, this strange sexual practice is very dangerous and painful.

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