Injection with Syringe Full of Sperm into Uterus

Collection of semen of 2 cumshots to fill a syringe of 5 ml. In the first cumshot he uses a powerful german electrosex device to extract the maximum of sperm. After a few days of stay the syringe stored in the freezer to keep the sperm comes with a second cumshot, and on this occasion it is compiled through an intense blowjob that leaves the mouth full of semen and then she spits it inside the syringe.

Then she warms up her cunt touching it and fucking with a dildo, introduce a speculum into pussy. Once cunt is open wide it takes the syringe full of sperm and it insert by the cervix the long tube that takes in tip the syringe to insert the semen the most inside of the uterus.

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Once the tube is in the depths of the womb, he begins to introduce all the semen possibly filling the fallopian tubes and all the cavity of the uterus as if it were an artificial insemination.

After this remove the cannula with the syringe empty and penetrates the cervix with a japanese vibrator attached to a long wire it tied at the entrance of the speculum and plugging the entrance to the uterus.

After it turn on the vibrator, she takes another vibrator magic wand to apply it on the clitoris and so achieve an intense orgasm.

Its amazing the vision on the inside of the vagina while orgasm and the internal contractions and movements that occur inside while she comes to the climax.

After the orgasm, vibrator and speculum are removed, next she put a bowl under her cunt and dropped much of the sperm carrying within her womb. Take a spoon and eats the semen that has managed to collect swallowing and tasting each spoonful.

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Injection with Syringe Full of Sperm into Uterus
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