Cervix Play with Speculum and Insertion of Long Metal Chain

Open the uterine canal with a speculum and insertion of a metal of neck chain with 55 cm (22 inch) long, fucking uterus with chopsticks japanese and masturbation with a vibrator on clitoris to orgasm. Extreme video of cervix playing with speculum opening the uterine canal and the amazing insertion of a long metal chain fully into womb. The video has hot scenes of fisting self, masturbate fingering her cervical neck very close-up and the pussy opened wide with a clear tube to keep a best view.

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Insert objects or toys into the uterus is very dangerous, painful and can be fatal.

Some people play with cervical neck when finger when practique fisting or fingering while masturbate or use some vibrator on clitoris to feel some different. But even when these practices only insert 1 or 2 cms also are dangerous.

It is a video of extreme cervix playing in which a woman starts masturbating with fisting, then she introduces in her pussy a transparent tube to keep it the open and begins to masturbate fingering and dilating the hole. Then she inserts a metal speculum with long blades deeply in your uterus and starts to open it and stretch it surprisingly.

Once it reaches a brutal opening of the uterine canal, someone takes a long metal chain of neck with 55 cm (22 inch) long and begins to introduce it to the depths of the uterus until the entire chain go inside the womb.

Then starts to penetrate and fuck the hole with some chopsticks japanese while she uses a vibrator on clitoris until she get an orgasm. Finally she extract slowly the entire chain of the inside of the uterine cavity. Amazing uterus penetration video for fans of this gyno fetish.

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