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Some purchased sex movies include women that take advantage of the period to selling menstruation videos, tampon bleeding or fingering play with the blood because they know that the neck may be more open. The insertion of objects, dildos or sounds by the uterine canal, as well as the stimulation fingering of the exterior zone around the cervical neck can be a game fun but too much dangerous.

Generally it is the exterior stimulation though some persons introduce small objects 2 or 3 cms or the phalanx of a finger for the uterus canal. This sexual practice is dangerous fetish for the risk of infections. Much more dangerous and painful it is to introduce objects or dildos inside the womb. Uterine playing is amazing porn but it is not an advisable practice sexual.

Many people like to touch the inside of the pussy and stimulate the cervical neck because there are women who like that feeling. A very different thing is the penetration of the uterine canal because it is very narrow and usually produces a very intense pain when trying to penetrate it besides being very dangerous. In this type of gyno fetish are used medical instruments such as probes, speculums, catheters, dilators and other utensils of hospitals. Although you can also see other sex toys and usual objects that are more dangerous to insert.

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