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Cervix penetration uncensured video where a kinky mature insert a kitchen metalic peeler by the side of the blades and kinky big sextoys like long tubes and medical huge probe and also a special steel tweezer into the uterus to stretch cervix and dilate it to the max. Watch at how open and expanded this woman is able to dilate the cervix, gradually stretching it until she achieves her goal in a movie with very close up uncensored scenes.

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Gradual stretch is the method that this hot milf uses to open wide and dilate the cervix. After penetrating the uterus with medical sextoys and household objects of different thicknesses, she is able to dilate the cervix with a kind of speculum so much that she even manages to insert her finger between the blades of the speculum.

Many people ask the question of how wide can the cervix open? or free video where you can watch the cervix wide open. What this woman does first is heat her pussy with a Lovense-type vibrator and then put a tube that will help her insert all kinds of objects. It is very exciting to see how she fucks with a 2 cm wide probe that penetrates up to 7 cm deep achieving a strong orgasm. She continues to expand the cervical canal with a long tube and the flat handle of a cleaning brush, which she is able to rotate inside the uterus.

You'll be amazed to see how this wicked woman manages to get into the handle of a potato peeler that has no point. But more surprising is to see how she penetrates that metal peeler from the side of the blades. Something very dangerous but that she does without harm. The greatest dilation of the cervix is achieved with a long metal forceps that she uses as a speculum which is intruded into the uterus and then opens as wide as it can until she even manages to put a finger between the blades of the speculum thus achieving a video of maximum cervix dilation.

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