Injecting Semen into Uterus

Semen injection with a syringe by cervix inside uterus after fucking. He fucking hard her pussy and cuming inside her pussy then she take out the hot creampie from the cunt full semen on a plate. Next he fill a syringe with the cum, open wide the pussy with a speculum and insert the syringe inside cervix to fill the uterus with the semen.

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I think this free video show how a woman get pregnant after fucking and to get a hot orgasm. Nothing of semen is wasted.

The perverse of this video is that he fucks the cunt of the girl until he cum inside but then she extracts the semen from the cunt on a plate.

Next he introduces the semen into a syringe, opens wide the cunt with a speculum, puts the tube of the syringe deeply in the cervix and then introduces the whole semen of the syringe injecting it inside the womb.

It is sure that like that she will remain pregnant because all cum was injected inside the uterus.

Extreme bizarre video with scenes very close-up of the internal pussy and neck of the uterus.


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